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  Un-Official Foxunit 1.02.00 SWFox 2007 Release (10/15/2007) 

Alan Stevens will be presenting a Test-Driven Development Pre-Conference session at Southwest Fox 2007. Alan uses a highly customized version of FoxUnit for his test-driven development that he will also be using for his session at the conference.

Alan's code is not backwards compatible with existing FoxUnit tests. We are currently reviewing his contribution for inclusion in the next release of FoxUnit in a way that allows developers an enhanced experience, while not breaking backwards compatability with existing FoxUnit tests and code.

The most noticeable difference in this version of FoxUnit when compared with the current official FoxUnit release is the re-ordering of Assert method parameters. The SWFox 2007 version follows a parameter order that mimics NUnit, JUnit and a number of other xUnit testing frameworks.

This release of FoxUnit is being provided as a courtesy to attendees of the Southwest Fox 2007 conference, but is freely available with the same open-source license that FoxUnit has always had. This version of FoxUnit is not compatible with tests written with official releases of FoxUnit. Features in this release are currently under review for inclusion in the next official release of FoxUnit in a way that won't break backward compatability with existing tests.

You can find a link to this Un-Official release at the bottom of the FoxUnit Downloads page
  FoxUnit 1.02.00 Released (03/16/2005) 

FoxUnit.org announces the release of FoxUnit 1.02.00. This release contains multiple enhancements and defect resolutions. Please see the release notes under the Documentation tab for more information.
  Announcements Forum 

Future major, minor and refresh builds of FoxUnit will be announced in the new Announcements forum in FoxUnit discussions. If you would like to recieve notices when new builds of FoxUnit are released, go to the Announcements forum and check the "Email me when someone posts to this forum" checkbox at the top. This is a moderated forum, so the only things that will be posted are release and other important major FoxUnit announcements (like webinars, user group presentations, etc...).
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